Urban League of Palm Beach County Receives $40,000 from COMCAST NBCUniversal Foundation

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – The Urban League of Palm Beach County has received a $40,000 grant from COMCAST NBCUniversal Foundation to support the agency’s programs — digital literacy training for adults, Project STEM, and digital skills building for older adults.

“We are proud to have a long-standing partnership with COMCAST NBCUniversal Foundation,” said Patrick Franklin, president and CEO of Urban League of Palm Beach County. “With COMCAST NBCUniversal Foundation’s vital support, we are able to help young people reach their full potential through science and technology and assist our adult population in becoming more literate and job-ready in today’s fast-changing digital world.”

Digital Literacy Training for Adults: The goal of the program is to work with adults in low-income underserved areas that have limited access to computer labs and digital training. Special emphasis will be placed on acquiring digital skills so that participants will be able to use the internet at a proficient level. Training sessions will include: expanding your world through technology, job searching with the internet and communicating with prospective employers. The course will run for 12 weeks, two hours a day – one or two day a week depending on the site at three training site locations. Programming will be provided for 8-10 people every 12 weeks throughout the year.

Project STEM: Project Ready STEM focuses on preparing middle and high school students for enrichment opportunities and enhanced academic progress, while developing new skills. Project Ready STEM is evidence-based, using practical tools specially designed for and unique to our Urban League movement for the purpose of getting African-American and other urban youth ready for college, work and life.

Digital Skills Building for Older Adults: The program goal is job readiness preparedness. Participants will demonstrate a proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, apply for employment on-line, and attach their resume and cover letter to a job. 

About Urban League of Palm Beach County: The Urban League of Palm Beach County is a nonprofit organization that empowers communities and changes lives. Our vision is to be a catalyst for comprehensive family empowerment that will bring about meaningful progress where every family is equipped with the necessary knowledge to access opportunities to reach their full potential and enhance their quality-of-life. Our youth, education, housing, financial literacy, workforce development and health programs and services serve more than 18,000 people a year. Learn more about the Urban League of Palm Beach County by visiting: 

About COMCAST NBCUniversal Foundation:

Fifty-five years ago, COMCAST NBCUniversal Foundation was built on a foundation of respect, integrity, and trust. Those core values remain part of the company and its 164,000 employees’ culture. Today  more than ever COMCAST NBCUniversal Foundation is dedicated to supporting organizations that are creating positive change in our local communities.