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Housing and Economics

Comprehensive Housing Services

We offer housing and counseling services to help individuals and families purchase a home or avoid foreclosure. 

The Urban League of Palm Beach County (ULPBC) is a HUD-approved 501 (c)(3) non-profit Housing Counseling Agency.  The agency has been the leading provider of comprehensive housing counseling services in Palm Beach County for more than 25 years. 

The Comprehensive Counseling Program assists low to moderate income clients in obtaining and maintaining stable housing, acquire financial literacy skills, and build savings to create sustainability and self-sufficiency. 

ULPBC provides its comprehensive housing counseling services to individuals and families in Palm Beach County regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status or disability.  All housing services are administered in accordance to HUD regulations.  The agency is located within 150 feet of public transportation and with handicap accessibility.


In cases where clients have defaulted on their mortgage or are in foreclosure, the Agency will identify the cause(s) of the default or foreclosure; determine whether the mortgagor, with the assistance of the counseling agency and available assistance programs, can bring the account current within a time period and payment plan acceptable to the mortgagee/servicer; make referrals to other resources when necessary and provide follow-up counseling with the mortgagor on an as-needed basis or until there is an outcome.

Eight hour Homebuyer Education workshops are held monthly for persons interested in becoming first time homebuyers. The workshop curriculum includes information covering the following topics: Preparing for homeownership, Credit & Financial Management, Financial literacy, Homeowner Insurance, Shopping for a home, Life as a Homeowner, Closing, Obtaining a Mortgage and Fair Housing Laws.

After an attendee has completed the workshop they are scheduled for an individual pre-purchase counseling session. During the one-on-one session, the counselor assesses the client’s credit history. Budget, and savings for down payment; they further discuss the types of mortgage loans, first time homebuyer programs and anticipated purchase timeline. Based on the concluded assessment, the counselor drafts an action plan to be given to the client to reach the goal of homeownership. Clients are counseled on their responsibilities as mortgagors by making monthly payments on schedule to prevent foreclosure and home care.

Assist clients in gathering required data necessary to apply for purchasing a home. Referrals to real estate agencies will be made to assist clients in locating property. When available, and client qualifies, subsidy funds will be awarded to potential home buyers in the form of Gap Financing through PBC and other first time homebuyer programs.

Clients will be counseled on their responsibilities as mortgagors in making the required monthly payments on schedule; home care i.e., repairs and replacements, money management and how to prevent foreclosure.

Financial capability program provides a one stop bundling of services that include financial education, coaching, housing counseling, education and career assistance and benefits screenings to help clients realize their financial & personal goals. The program specifically targets vulnerable individuals seeking safety net social services at ULPBC and the underbanked populations.


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Target population and participation requirements

  • Low and moderate-income residents of Palm Beach County

To further support us

Our programs rely on contributions from our community. If you are able to donate to the Urban League of Palm Beach County, please do so here. If you are able to volunteer for our programs or at our events, contact us here. Thank you!