Workforce Empowerment Center

The Urban League of Palm Beach County offers job training, placement and advancement opportunities for entry-level to professional career seekers. We work with people who are entering the workforce for the first time or re-entering after an absence. We have programs that help you pursue careers, offering livable wages so you can create self-sufficiency for yourself and your family.


Urban Senior Jobs

This program is for job seekers aged 55 and older residing in Broward and Miami.

Priority of service is provided to low-income seniors, veterans, disabled, and long-term unemployed. Program participants are placed in part-time community service training positions to enhance their skills, build their confidence, and rebuild their job history so they can transition to full or part-time employment.

Urban Tech

This program provides participants an opportunity to earn industry recognized credentials that can increase their wages and improve their marketability for upward growth. Participants will be evaluated and assessed and will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a program coordinator to identify any barriers that may inhibit success.

Workforce Empowerment Program Funders