Comprehensive Housing Services

Creating pathways

With over 25 years of leading comprehensive housing counseling services in Palm Beach County, our HUD-approved Comprehensive Counseling Program assists low to moderate-income clients in obtaining and maintaining stable housing, acquiring financial literacy skills, and building savings to create sustainability and self-sufficiency.

The Urban League of Palm Beach County’s Housing & Economic Center takes pride in supporting economic growth and empowerment in our community by providing low-to-moderate income communities with impactful financial literacy training and tools, all available free of charge.

Housing Services

Financial Counseling

Education is at the core of building generational wealth. Our counselors take a holistic approach to financial wellness by providing participants with the tools, knowledge, and resources necessary to build a secure financial future.

Foreclosure Delinquency Counseling

If you are experiencing a short- or long-term financial setback, our counselors can connect you with assistance programs and resources available to prevent mortgage default or foreclosure.

Pre-Purchase Counseling

Our counselors assess client financial records, review the purchase timeline, discuss mortgage loan types, and outline first-time homebuyer programs. Clients receive an action plan that guides them toward reaching the goal of homeownership.

Mortgage Application Assistance

Our counselors assist clients with gathering required mortgage application data, provide real estate agency referrals, and evaluate eligibility for subsidy funds available to potential home buyers through Gap Financing available from PBC and other first-time homebuyer programs.

Post-Mortgage Counseling

Clients gain a thorough understanding of mortgage responsibilities, home care commitments, repairs, replacements, money management, and foreclosure prevention.

Your Next Steps

Step One:

Complete a Housing and Financial Education Intake Form online by sending an email to

Step Two:

Upload Documents to Secured Portal

Step Three:

Book a Homeownership Counseling/Coaching by sending an email to with details regarding your availability for an in-person, telephone, or virtual consultation.

Step Four:

A HUD-Certified Housing Counselor will connect with you directly, confirming your future appointment date.

Step Five:

Attend your One-on-One Counseling Session.

Step Six:

Start House Hunting & Exploring Mortgage Options.


Homebuyer Education

A free comprehensive six-hour workshop that prepares clients to purchase and own a home with confidence. Upon completion of the workshop, participants receive a HUD-approved Homebuyer Education Certificate.

  • Preparing for Homeownership
  • Understanding Credit & Financial Obligations
  • Shopping for a Home
  • Navigating Home Insurance
  • Identifying Down-Payment Assistance
  • Obtaining a Mortgage & Closing
  • Understanding Fair Housing Laws

Financial Literacy

A free virtual workshop that provides basic money management skills and resources to correct and improve your financial standing and gain financial stability.

  • Set and Achieve Financial Goals
  • Create a Savings Plan
  • Learn Ways to Reduce Debt
  • Understand Tax Benefits
  • Uncover Ways to Avoid Identity Theft
  • Improve Credit Scores

Housing And Economic Program Funders

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