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About Us

Urban League of Palm Beach County Foundation

The Urban League of Palm Beach County Foundation (ULPBCF) is a 501c3 non-profit organization established in December 2018 in West Palm Beach, Florida. The purpose of the Foundation is to support the mission of Urban League of Palm Beach County. Our mission is to assist African Americans and other minorities in the achievement of social and economic equality. ULPBCF and its Board of Directors will seek funds to provide resources to supplement the operations, programs and  supportive services of ULPBC in the following areas: Youth, Education, Housing, Financial Literacy, Health and Workforce Development. Together we can empower communities and change lives.

Board of Directors:

Cliff Viner, President
Ricky Wade, Treasurer
Phillip Hutchinson, Secretary
Robert Friedman
Dr. Emma Banks
Otis and Dr. Sharon Warren
Ronald and Cynthia Williams

1st Founding Members

Eda and Cliff Viner
Otis and Dr. Sharon Warren
Ronald and Cynthia Williams  
Dr. William Pickard

1st Presidents Circle  

Dr. Emma Banks
Deborah Caplan

2020 Board of Directors

Dr. Emma Banks
ULPBC Board Member

Phillip H. Hutchinson
ULPBC Board Member

Robert M. Friedman
Former ULPBC Board Member

Carlton Ricky Wade
ULPBC Vice Chair

Otis Warren

Dr. Sharon Warren

Cliff Viner
ULPBC Board Member

Cynthia Williams

Gifts of Gratitude

To garner additional long-term support for the Urban League of Palm Beach County, we are establishing the Gifts of Gratitude program.  This initiative encourages everyone associated with the Urban League of Palm Beach County to commemorate life cycle events with a gift to the Foundation. These donations can be associated with gifts in memory of the passing of loved ones, the births of children or grandchildren, marriages, religious celebrations,  graduations and other important life events.  

Please consider a donation to celebrate a milestone in your life or in the life of a loved one in our community.

To donate to our Gifts of Gratitude program, click the button below.