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Dr. Emma Banks
President, Inlet Grove Community HS ULPBC Board Member

Dr. Emma Banks is CEO of the Inlet Grove Community High School (Charter School), developed and implemented the first successful Mentor’s Program for teen parent students in the PBC school system. At Inlet Grove under her tutelage, 99% of students get into college or the service industry upon graduation.

As a TV producer, she is working on the documentary “Street Talk”, which provides insight to the needs of the youth who have dropped out and have committed crimes. She is also responsible for “Reality High” a real life drama show, and the children’s teen talk show “Our Future Generation” which was the number one children’s show in the Nielson ratings.

The only child of Jennie Miller and born in the small town in Monticello, Florida, she began her education at Delaware State where she received her Bachelors Degree in Distributive Education, her master’s degree in Administration and her doctorate in Organizational Leadership. She began working for the State Department of Education in Florida in 1978 then she moved to West Palm Beach and began working at an adult vocational school in 1987 as an Assistant Principal. In 2004, the adult vocational school became a charter high school and Dr. Banks became Principal of the 700-student facility. She is now the President / CEO of Inlet Grove.

Dr. Banks currently sits on the Urban League of Palm Beach County Board of Directors.