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About Us


Our dedicated staff is available to answer your questions and help you sign up for our programs, events, and opportunities to get involved. We look forward to meeting you and getting you involved in our work in the community.

If you need to reach any of our staff members below, please call us at 561-833-1461 and enter the appropriate extension.

Our Senior Staff

Patrick Franklin
President & CEO

Ken Kaneski
VP of Finance & Administration

Soulan Johnson
VP of Development & Marketing

Marie Sanches
Senior Vice President of Programs

Administration Office Extension

Patrick Franklin, President & CEO, frankln@ulpbc.org

Ext. 3003

Marie Sanches, Senior Vice President of Programs 

Ext. 3018

Ken Kaneski, VP of Finance & Administration

Ext. 3008

Soulan Johnson, VP of Development & Marketing

Ext. 3002

Felice Harris, Accountant 

Ext. 3021

Valerie Westley, Receptionist

Ext. 3000

Eugene Kelly, Facilities

Housing and Economic Development Office Extension

Antoinette McGrath, Housing Counselor

Ext. 3030

Priscilla Rodrigues, Housing Counselor

Ext. 3013
Youth and Education Office Extension

Tomas Evangelista, Sr. Director of Programs and Operations

Ext. 3025

Lorraine Desravines, Director of Youth and Education Programs


Sydney Davis, FPL STEM Coordinator / National Achievers Society


Diana Garzon, Program Coordinator


Japricia Thicklin, TOP® Manager/Coordinator

Ext. 3039

Fabrice Clerger, TOP® Facilitator

Ext. 3028

Sara Grimison, TOP® Facilitator

Vaneola Joseph, TOP® Facilitator

LaTerrance Reed, Manager, CINS/FINS 

Ext. 3029

Myiah White, Case Manager (CINS/FINS) 

Ext. 3016

Willie Scott, Case Manager (CINS/FINS) 

Ext. 3019
Urban Seniors Jobs Program Office Extension

Pablo Roger, Program Director

Ext. 3601
Workforce Development Office Extension

Joan Kennedy, Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office Workforce Development Program Manager, Interim - City of West Palm Beach Youth Empowerment Center Program Manager

Ext. 3024

J.R. Thicklin, Urban Youth Employment, Program Manager

Ext. 3038
Stop Now and Plan (SNAP) Program Office Extension

Megan G. Pack, Stop Now and Plan (SNAP) Coordinator

Crystal K. Jones, Stop Now and Plan (SNAP) Case Manager

Google Urban Tech Jobs Office Extension

Daniella Orius, Coordinator

Health Office Extension

Rachelle Avril, Senior Healthcare Navigator, ravril@ulpbc.org

Ext 3024

Joan Kennedy, ACA Administrator, jkennedy@ulpbc.org

Ext 3024

Yahaira Battiata, Navigator, ybattiata@ulpbc.org

Ext 3024

Ariel Gibson, Navigator, agibson@ulpbc.org

Ext 3024