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Our STEM Now Team Wins In Science Center Competition

Congratulations to our STEM Now students for winning the COVID-19 Challenge of South Florida Science Center’s 4th Annual STEM Inventors 3D Printer Challenge!

Throughout the 2019-2020 school year, the students at Roosevelt Middle School STEM Now team were taking part in the science center’s competition that featured a series of mini-challenges: creating a toddler toy, solving a classroom problem, and developing a COVID-19 process or invention that could solve a problem.

The team won with their submission of the Social Distancing Belt, which allows someone wearing a belt to properly identify a 6-foot radius between themselves and other people.

Designed during our virtual programming, many students identified that maintaining a 6-foot distance as a major concern especially for those who are members of vulnerable populations or live in densely populated areas.

Judges applauded our students for their thoughtfulness in designing a belt for a specific vulnerable population during the pandemic, especially after hearing about the difficulties of social distancing within densely populated cities.  

We are so proud of the work and collaboration that our students have put in this entire year and wish them all the best as they move into high school.