BankUnited Grants $7,000 To ULPBC In Support Of Housing Program​

Urban League of Palm Beach County (ULPBC) has received a $7,000 grant from BankUnited in support of our Comprehensive Housing Counseling and Financial Capability Program.

Our program improves the lives of low-moderate income individuals by assisting them in obtaining or maintaining housing.

“This grant is vital to our work in the community,” said Patrick Franklin, President and CEO of ULPBC. “We are very grateful to BankUnited for their commitment to making Palm Beach County a better place for the many individuals who are in urgent need of affordable housing.”

ULPBC helps clients reach their housing goals through monthly our First Time Homebuyers workshops, one-on-one housing counseling, financial coaching and foreclosure mitigation assistance. We have been providing HUD certified housing counseling for more than 26 years and assisted more than 1,348 clients in the last fiscal year.

More specifically, our program helped:

  • More than 663 families attend our First Time Homebuyers and financial literacy workshops.
  • 451 clients prepare through individual counseling for homeownership, and 273 families received foreclosure counseling. Of those clients, 57% avoided foreclosure.
  • 451 individuals receive financial coaching and other services to assist them in reaching their financial goals and increasing their overall monthly savings — including an average savings of $1,200, and 58% obtained employment.

About BankUnited:

Helping communities we live and work in is who we are. We seek to provide a positive foundation for our neighborhoods and engage our communities by providing financial support and actively supporting the developmental goals and initiatives of the communities we serve.

According to Claire Raley, BankUnited Senior Vice President for community development and outreach: “BankUnited is committed to helping the communities where we live and work by providing a solid foundation for economic success, Affordable housing and at-risk youth programming are two areas where BankUnited’s support can have a positive effect on our South Florida community.”