Twenty-Year-Old Turns Life Around Through Our PBSO Workforce Development Program

Our PBSO Workforce Development Program is changing the lives of young adults who are looking to find good jobs and stay clear of trouble. 

Desmere Wilson, 20, enrolled in the program in the late spring.  

At the time, he was a 9th grade dropout, unemployed and had a criminal background. He lacked self-esteem, motivation, transportation and needed career guidance.  

During the employability skills workshop, he was afraid to read in fear of not knowing how to read certain words. During his assessment, he expressed an interest in becoming a security guard but again stated that he was afraid of the required reading portions of that class.  

Upon completing the workforce modules, he was offered an opportunity to participate in the 30-hour subsidized work experience component but stated that he preferred to find full time employment with 40 hours.  

Desmere was referred to IDEC Elevator company for a position as a warehouse worker. He secured an interview and was hired immediately depending upon his background check and drug test screens.  

On Aug. 31, he began working in their warehouse with a starting salary of $13 an hour.  He is provided with paid medical and dental insurance and will be re-evaluated in three months for a pay raise.  

Desmere also committed to enrolling in a GED program by later this year. 

Learn more about our PBSO Workforce Development Program here.