Urban League of Palm Beach County Staff Helps Many People Get Medical Coverage Through Affordable Care Act

The staff at Urban League of Palm Beach County has helped many people get medical coverage through the Affordable Care Act.

Here’s one success story:

Earlier this year, a 71-year-old male, who was released from prison after serving 20 years in prison, faced a medical dilemma. 

He stated that he was in dire need of emergency attention and required surgery. Our healthcare navigator met with and educated him regarding the healthcare marketplace exchange. He subsequently applied for healthcare coverage through the exchange but was unfortunately deemed ineligible. His application was automatically then referred to Medicaid via the exchange. The exchange then instructed him to contact the state’s Medicaid office after two weeks to see if his application was received and to determine its status. After two weeks, our healthcare administrative assistant contacted this participant and he communicated that his referral was not found electronically within the Medicaid system. Additionally, he stated that when he spoke with the Medicaid office, he was instructed to send in a few documents that were needed in order for Medicaid to process his application. Two of those documents were his Social Security card and Driver’s License which he couldn’t locate. 

He proceeded to communicate that he was anticipating and waiting on a check from the Social Security office that had yet to arrive. An administrative assistant advised the participant to visit the Social Security Office and Department of Motor Vehicles in person and then to recontact the Medicaid office to communicate what he was doing and status of his outstanding documents. The participant contacted the Medicaid office and was placed on hold for over two hours and he became even more frustrated and irritable. He immediately contacted our office and the administrative assistance asked him to call Medicaid back the following day to see if he would get a better outcome. 

This follow up call to our office led to him calling our office daily where he received encouragement and much needed support and guidance. It was evident that he needed help navigating multiple offices and requests after being incarcerated for two decades. 

Today, he now has his Medicaid card, Social Security card, and Driver’s License in hand and has been receiving his disability check monthly as schedules. Moreover, he was able to see a physician for a consultation and was even referred to and scheduled to have an operation that he desperately needed. This participant is so grateful for the services, commitment and encouragement that was provided to him that he contacted our program’s director personally to thank him for all that was provide to him. 

Without a doubt, the Affordable Care Act team positively impacted this man over the past three months.