Single Mom Sees Joy In Homeownership: “My Son Loves the New House”

Since she was a young girl, Felisha Rodriguez wanted her own house in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by flowers — especially her favorite sunflowers. 

But for years, the 24-year-old single-mother couldn’t realize her dream in South Florida’s booming real estate market because of her limited salary.  

She never gave up, though, looking for her dream home. Felisha and her 9-year-old son were eager to move out of her parent’s home, where she and her son shared a bedroom, and chart a new life of their own.  

Her luck changed earlier this year, while searching online for homes. Felisha came upon the website of Community Land Trust of Palm Beach County, which does housing development, financing, and other services aimed at creating affordable housing options in communities across the county.  

Through the organization, Felisha found her perfect home: a three-bedroom/two-bathroom house in Lake Worth with a laundry room and close proximity to her job. It needed some work, but it was affordable and just right, with enough room in the yard to plant those favorite sunflowers.

She signed up for Urban League of Palm Beach County’s Comprehensive Housing Counseling Program and took part this summer in a first-time homeowners program. Then, she applied for a loan at Valley National Bank for $116,400 with an interest rate of 3.875% and monthly payments of $693.

Soon, she was approved to purchase the house.

“I feel very accomplished for having done this so young. I felt like I owed it to my son to provide him with a better life,” Felisha said.

Felisha has many plans for her new home. She’s especially looking forward to entertaining her family and friends during the upcoming holiday season. She’s also excited to put her personal touches on decorating the inside of her new home, including her outdoor space, which of course will feature many beautiful sunflowers.

Most importantly, Felisha is glad her son will now have his own room where he can play, store his toys, and spread out.

“My son loves the new house,” she said. “We are currently decorating his room (very superhero-ish). He is excited to make friends with the kids in the neighborhood. Everyone has been very welcoming and friendly.”


Thanks to the Urban League of Palm Beach County’s Comprehensive Housing Counseling Program, many other people have realized their dreams of homeownership in Palm Beach County. To learn more about our program, click here.