Participant In Our PBSO Program Thrives With New Job and New Opportunities

Julien Garcom was an 18-year-old high school dropout who came to the Urban League of Palm Beach County wanting to continue his education.

He was looking for training programs that could assist him with getting his GED certification and eventually finding a job. He kept telling our staff that he lacked motivation and self-esteem, was very shy and quiet, and that he was a failure.

Our staff got him involved in our program through the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

During the program’s employability skills training, we touched on the subject of ethics and morality. Julien told the staff: he was happy to touch on these subjects because had kept contact with the wrong people and wanted to do bad things.

He was interested in a training program to get a security guard D license.

As he waited, our staff set up an interview for him with Morning Day Solution to work as a stocker at their nonprofit. He was hired.

As we write this, Julien has been on the job for two months, and has not missed a day of work.  His manager is proud of his work and productivity, and continues to motivate him to be a great citizen. 

We are proud of this young men, too.

Until he came to us, he had never worked a day in his life. He took on a job and has been on the job every day. Soon, he will attend GED prep classes.

Here is a letter from Julien’s supervisors at Morning Day Solution: