Urban League of Palm Beach County Helps 20-Year-Old Find Career and New Life

When she came to the Urban League of Palm Beach County for help, Nicole was 20-years-old, a high school graduate, unemployed, and had many family issues.

She was unsure of herself, had never held a steady job, and had been involved in the criminal justice system. 

So our staff enrolled Nicole in our PBSO program and helped her become a construction trainee in hopes of working in the construction field.

As part of the program, she completed employability skills training, put together a resume and cover letter, and conducted a mock job interview.

She also receiving food bi-weekly from our panty.

A short later, Nicole went to work for Mack and Son for six weeks – and that’s when everything changed about her.

Nicole can now fill out job applications and write emails. She has a good work ethic. Her attitude changed for the better.    

And her appearance improved – her hair is neatly done, her pants are pulled up, and her shyness is gone. 

Recently, Nicole came by our office and thanked our staff for all her accomplishments including making a salary to help pay for her family’s rent.

She stood at our office and cried tears of gratitude, saying: she never knew there was an agency that spend so much time helping unfortunate youth such as herself.