Urban League of Palm Beach County and County Government Saved Single Dad From Foreclosure

Willet Adolphe, a single African-American parent with two adult children, has turned to Urban League of Palm Beach County more than once for help with his house. 

In 2015, the agency helped him with mortgage assistance during the Florida Hardest Hit Program. 

Recently, he reached out to us again, this time seeking assistance to save his home and avoid foreclosure.  

Willet was a few months past due on his mortgage when the pandemic hit and made matters worse for his family.  

As a taxi driver, he stopped working for his safety and his family managed to get by paying for utilities and food.  

He didn’t qualify for forbearance under the CARES Act Program because his hardship began prior of COVID-19.  

His past due balance on his loan with Select Portfolio Services: close to $17,000.  

After assessing his situation, the staff determined that the Palm Beach County Department of Housing and Economic Sustainability could help him and the staff worked with Willet and the county planner for more than a month to get him relief. 

He received a total of $19,581 from the county to cover his past due mortgage and an additional two months of advance payments. 

In the end, Willet was able to remain in his home and avoid foreclosure. 

He was thankful to the Urban League and the county staff for assisting him in saving his long-life investment.

Learn more about the Urban League of Palm Beach County’s Comprehensive Housing Services here.