ULPBC Students Learn About STEM Through Two Challenges

Dostin Bartolon, Kymeria Pitts, Chamya Jones, Alejandra Stephens, and Nyelli Pierre work on project.

Recently, our students worked on two STEM challenges: a flip bottle challenge, and assembling and wiring a robotic snake challenge.  

For the bottle challenge, students used visual directions, graphic organizers, charts, and activities to determine what the best water bottle is to use and the best water level to fill it to, to have the best chance of landing their tossed bottled in the designated area. Students also used this information to design the ideal bottle for flipping. 

The second STEM challenge was assembling and wiring a robotic snake. Students were broken up into three groups that consisted of a build group, a design group and an electrical group.  Everyone worked hard on following directions to ensure that the snake worked on command as programmed.  

Dostin Bartolon took the lead on constructing the robot snake for his group. He even took the time to work with the design group to make sure everything was put together correctly. The design groups made custom snakes while the build and electrical groups worked on assembling all of the pieces.  

The objective of the challenge was to create a finished snake that would be able to slither through an obstacle course. 

Dostin Bartolon and Jamrkus Emmerson work on creating a control panel to direct the snake.

Chayma Jones, Dena Marie Kerr and Pauline Desir all work together to assemble and direct their snake project.