ULPBC Receives $75,000 From Bank Of America For Housing Programs

The Urban League of Palm Beach County has received $75,000 from Bank of America to support our Comprehensive Housing Program.

Bank of America has long been a generous supporter of our housing program and many other initiatives intended to improve the lives of people across Palm Beach County.

“We are very grateful for everything that Bank of American does in our community,” said Patrick Franklin, President and CEO of Urban League of Palm Beach County    

Our housing program is making a big difference. Here’s a few of our many success stories:

– The Urban League of Palm Beach County once again was able to make the American dream come true for one of our clients – a woman with three children who was homeless before reaching out to us through our First Time Homebuyer program. Here’s how we helped Florence Garcia buy a house. READ MORE HERE.

– Our staff worked with Palm Beach County Government to save a single dad from foreclosure. Willet Adolphe had come to us before for housing assistance and recently he returned again because the pandemic forced him out of a job. Here’s how we helped him. READ MORE HERE.

Pictured in photo is Fabiola Brumley, Palm Beach President and Vice Chairman Commercial Banking for Bank of America.