Students Visit Universal Studios to Learn about STEM through Program Supported by Urban League of Palm Beach County

On April 8, students in the DeLuca and FPL STEM program at Roosevelt and Bear Lakes Middle had the opportunity to be immersed in a STEAM app series at Universal studios.

Students saw how roller coasters are engineered and made to function.

They were also able to control the roller coaster on an iPad and do the math to see the velocity needed, and how to get the roller coaster moving.

After students learned about the science, math, engineering and technology involved in creating and getting a roller coaster moving, they got to go on the biggest roller coaster in the park.

Caleb Glinton, an 8th grader at Roosevelt Middle School, was amazed to learn how much science and math are involved in designing and getting a roller coaster going.

He said to an instructor: “I am so happy we were able to come here, I’ve learned so much about roller coasters and I had no idea being an engineer would be this much fun! I’m going to look into engineering because I’d love to design my own roller coaster!”

For the staff, seeing the STEM participants be so engaged and excited to learn was an amazing experience.

Because of the STEM program, students get exposure to different STEM careers and are able to gain valuable experiences through various field trips provided throughout the year.