He Loved Music and We Helped Him Find His Career Path

Ronald Simpson always loved music.

A quiet young man with a good upbringing, he struggled to find his calling in life until after he left college for financial reasons and ended up going through our City of West Palm Beach Urban Youth Empowerment Program.

When he came to the Urban League of Palm Beach County, our staff assessed Ronald’s strengths and helped him find his passion to work in the music production industry.

“He played like five instruments – he loved music,” said Richard Haines, who manages our program. “It was his calling, for sure.”

Eventually, Ronald went to work for a local entertainment and music production company, helping to teach middle school students. Today, at age 23, he has his own music production company. (You can hear his music on All Streaming Platform: Ronniedoemadeit)

Our program is intended to keep young men like Ronald on the right path in life and avoid the troubles that come with not having a job or career aspirations, Richard said.

“This shows you the depth of our program. Ronald came to us lost and looking for work. We listened and helped him find his passion and job,” Richard said.

We wish Ronald much success!