At ULPBC High School Graduation, Seniors Will Get Scholarships and Laptops Thanks to Office Depot and Otis Elevator Company

This past year has been an unforgettable time in our lives. 

The COVID-19 pandemic swept across our country and world like a wild fire. Many individuals, families, and seniors are still struggling with job loss, food security issues, inability to pay rent and mortgages, all while trying to access COVID-19 tests and vaccinations. And our high school graduates suffered substantially because of school closures, which precluded them from participating in the prom and graduation ceremonies.  

Now, with a decrease in COVID-19 numbers, we can return to a new normal, and once again salute our rising leaders as they transition to post-secondary education, with the pomp and circumstance and a proper high school graduation.  

On Thursday, June 24th from 9:30 am – 11:30 at the Urban League of Palm Beach County (ULPBC), we’ll celebrate the graduating Class of 2021. 

This year, the Urban League is proud to announce that scholarships and laptop computers will be awarded to our graduating seniors, all made possible by Office Depot and Otis Elevator Company. 

Office Depot (OD), a long-standing partner of the ULPBC, has supported our youth programs and activities for more than a decade.  This year, OD had donated $20,000 in the form of 21 computers and five $1,000 scholarships through the Office Depot Computer and Scholarship Program. A special thank you to Alex Price, National Director of Community Investment, Richelle Kubsch, Community Investment Project Manager, and Sharu Godwyn, Social Impact, Community Relations, Partnership-Building, Communications Events, for leading the charge at Office Depot toward investing in the lives of disadvantaged young adults.  

Otis Elevator Company is a new corporate partner dedicated to youth development by way of student scholarships and STEM learning. Otis donated $15,000 in scholarships through the Otis Elevator Company Scholarship Program. Fifteen $1,000 scholarships will be awarded at the graduation. A big thank you to  Gonzalo Cajade, VP, Human Resources of Americas, and Tanya Vaughn-Patterson, Manager, Talent Management for NAA with Otis Elevator Company for working with us to achieve the mission of the Urban League of Palm Beach County.  

We wish our graduating seniors much success and we’re grateful to our corporate partners for supporting our work and our students.

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